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(29.03.2023) Posted by Developer

Hello Fallen Kingdom Followers! 

A lot of people keep asking when the game will be released on Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, I can't give an exact date for Nintendo Switch, but after the Steam release, you will be able to find Fallen Kingdom on shelves and digital stores all over Europe as soon as possible. I'll let you know when a release date is finalized for Nintendo Switch.

(28.03.2023) Posted by Developer

Hello Fallen Kingdom Followers! 

·I've been thinking a lot about the combat system lately. After a long planning and coding, I completely removed the melee combat system. Instead, I decided to add the ranged combat system permanently. In the future, the melee combat system may be added again. 

·There are 2 classes to choose from. one of them is "Dark Side" and the other is "Light Side". You can find 2 examples according to this selected class in the attachment. 

·Dark Woods has been redesigned. It will be the arena system, which is a system I always wanted to add. I will share the details of the arena in the coming days. 

Stay Sharp! 

(22.03.2023) Posted by Developer

Hello Fallen Kingdom Followers! 

Today, i worked on Tavern Management. UI and animations almost over. %80 There are 6 control sections under the management,

·Finance: Which you can control the economy of your tavern.

·Menu: Which you can set up your foods, drinks etc. 

·Recipes: Which you can find or create new recipes for special menus. 

·Music: Which you can put your fav music. 

·Event: Which you can organize new events on your tavern. 

·Settings: Which allows you to acces tavern settings. 

Tavern visual design and upgrade section is moved to Woodcutter Orphan . You can customize business name whatever you want after you bought tavern. New Day&Night cycle visual displays integrated to the game.