Date & Time 

In Fallen Kingdom you start at year 1859 at Xeprhia Empire.There is 4 seasons and 12 months each year. 1 day at Fallen Kingdom is 8:00 AM to 00:00 AM in real time 15 minutes. 


Energy bar is at the bottom right corner of the screen. Energy decreases proportionally with each hour. If energy less than 1, warning will popout. It says "You Need To Sleep".

Passing Out

Player can be awake until 00:00 AM. When time comes end, player will passed out. You will wake up at home with day passed.

Town NPC's

There are villagers randomly wandering around the city. They talked with eacher other or there is a chance that they may speak with you. These NPC's are not interactable.


There are 20 known villagers and nobles lives in Niafell. They always stand in a fixed place if player in free roam.


Each vendor has it's own category. Sells different items. You can sell an item to all vendors.